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Durham Ear Wax Removal

Welcome to Durham Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal by microsuction  

Here at Durham Ear Wax Removal, we are dedicated to improving your hearing health and providing you with the highest quality care. All treatments are carried out by an experienced Senior Audiologist using microsuction technology. We run clinics in Washington and Newton Aycliffe by appointment only.

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Durham Ear Wax Removal

Before & After Images

Your Audiologist will offer you a digital copy of your before and after images for your records. Take a look at the remarkable transformation in the images below after just one appointment with Durham Ear Wax Removal.

Ear wax possesses natural antibacterial properties, and as a part of our approach, we aim to retain a small amount within the ear canal to help safeguard your ears.


Ear full of wax, before picture


clean ear after ear wax removal


Ear Health Check & Ear Wax Removal by Microsuction:


Ear Health Check:


Appointments can be arranged by telephone or through our trusted and secure booking system "Fresha". Payment is taken by contactless or cash following treatment

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction earwax removal is a highly effective and gentle procedure that employs vacuum technology to eliminate excess earwax. 

Durham Ear Wax Removal
Audiology consultation

Why is it better than syringing?

Ear syringing is generally discouraged as a primary method of earwax removal due to potential complications, ineffectiveness, and a lack of precision. The force of water being pushed into the ear canal can lead to ear infections, damage to the ear drum, or even further impacted earwax. Safer alternatives, like microsuction, dry removal tools and specialised ear drops are recommended. Gentle irrigation can be employed as a tool alongside microsuction where the eardrum is known to be intact.  

What to Expect

Durham Ear Wax Removal
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Prior to your appointment

To ensure the procedure is as comfortable and effective as possible, we kindly request that you soften the earwax in the five days leading up to your appointment. We recommend applying olive oil drops or using a spray like Earol once a day in the affected ear and repeating this routine for five days. This is not recommended if you have a perforated ear drum.

Durham Ear Wax Removal

During your appointment

Our Audiologist will begin by discussing your ear health history before conducting a comprehensive ear health examination, including capturing images of your ear drums. Subsequently, they will safely and gently remove your wax. You will also be offered before and after photos demonstrating the results. In the event that earwax removal is deemed unsuitable or unnecessary following the ear health check, a £20 consultation fee will be the only charge incurred.

Elderly Woman

After your appointment 

After your treatment we will send you your before and after images if requested. It is recommended that you keep your ears clean and dry for the next couple of days. If you are prone to wax build up, your Audiologist can arrange a follow up appointment.

6 Signs of Excessive Ear Wax

Durham Ear Wax Removal


Reduced Hearing


Hearing Aid Feedback (whistling)




Feeling of Fullness in Ear


Ringing or Buzzing in Ear


Itchiness in Ear

Client Reviews

Durham Ear Wax Removal
5 Star Review for Durham Ear Wax Removal following microsuction treatment
Durham Ear Wax Removal Review
5 Star Review for Durham Ear Wax Removal following microsuction treatment
5 Star Review for Durham Ear Wax Removal following microsuction treatment
5 Star Review for Durham Ear Wax Removal following microsuction treatment
5 Star customer review following ear wax removal by microsuction in Durham

Contact Us

Durham Ear Wax Removal


Galleries Health Centre,

Washington Hwy,


NE38 7NQ

Woodham Village Community Centre,

St Elizabeth's Close,

Newton Aycliffe,

DL5 4UE 


0771 560 5420

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Clinic Hours


By Appointment Only


By Appointment Only

Are we not quite in the right location for you?

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